How to create or change Magento 2 admin password


Sometimes we forget our admin password for our Magento 2 development instance because we usually deal with multiple development instances. Also in most cases, there is no mail service available in a development environment. Hence we could not raise a “forget password” request either. In this case, we can create another admin user from the

How to write unit tests in PHP

Writing unit tests is all about writing down the behavior of the code that we want to test. Once the unit test is written it gets locked and the actual code should fulfill these steps of behaviors in the specified order. Writing unit tests makes the developer stick to what is instructed in the test

How to setup Magento 2 on Docker for development

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Setup Magento 2 on top of Docker

In this tutorial, we will set up Magento 2 development environment on top of Docker. We will install a fresh Magento v2.4.5 on Docker. Assuming we have nothing yet, no code base no database, etc. Everything we will start from scratch on the docker container. We will prepare a docker-compose file for Magento 2 setup

Magento 2 upgrade and composer issues

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While upgrading a Magento 2 website via composer we face several issues, and some of your existing extensions are throwing errors while running the composer update command like “Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages”. We will try to understand and overcome these issues in this tutorial.